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Point & Shoot Digital Photo Course
This course is for someone who has a Point & Shoot Camera and simply wants to learn to use it more
effectively for vacation photos, photos of family, and other different types of things like nature photography and ball games.
You'll find yourself producing photos you'll be proud to share with family and friends, and maybe even on social media pages!

Beginner Digital Photography Course
This course is for someone who has just aquired a DSLR (digital camera with interchangeable lenses) and wants to further
their knowledge of camera operation (different modes and settings). We also cover some of the aspects of composition
and framing to make your pictures look more professional.

Standard Digital Photography Course
This course is our most popular course. It is our flagship program because of it's complete and comprehensive approach
to becoming a better photographer. This program covers camera operation, f-stops and shutter speeds, the camera menus,
and different lenses. Portraiture, composition, nature photography are just a few of the different flavors of shooting
you'll learn about with this course.

Premium Digital Photography Course
This course is our most complete photo course; it takes the longest to complete and has the most material and assignments.
This course will expose you to camera techniques you've always wondered about when you look at photographs
created by a Pro Photographer. We cover natural light, studio light, depth of field control, motion, and lots, lots more.

Photographic Artistry Course
If you're an accomplished photographer already but feel like you need a refresher course, or maybe just someone to get
you motivationed again and push you little bit to get out of your comfort zone then this course is for you. The course of study
is somewhat determined by the student after a fairly long examination of your skills. This course will get you thinking differenly
and moving back in a creatively satisfying direction with your photography.

Photoshop for Photographers
This PhotoShop course is designed specifically for photographers. Photoshop is a very complicated,
all-inclusive computer program that can be very confusing, hard to learn, and even more difficult to understand.
We will spend our time concentrating on the features of this massive program

Special Edition 2020 Digital Photography Course NEW Course! Check it out!!
This Digital Photography Course has been designed and released to help stumulate young photographers in this
time of our troubled society. This course is a brand new expanded version of my Beginners Course Program AND my
Standard Photography Course Program (my flag-ship program). I've melted them together to help us all learn more and shoot better and more impressive photographs.


Private Photography Lessons Available

As with every educational program there are no refunds. There is no time limit as long as you let us know. If you just stop
participating in the program and months or years pass then we assume you have quit the program.