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About Your Instructor

Written by Michael Duval / Los Angeles

Mr. Jeff Roush has run a successful, high level, commercial photography studio in the United States since the early 1980’s.
His client base reads like a “who’s-who” in advertising.
To view his work and read more about his career please visit

Contributing to this success has been his ability to truly understand the craft of photography and apply it to
every photographic situation that arises. In the developing of these online photography classes
he relied on his years of teaching, both privately and at the college level to truly understand the way this material
should to be presented to the student. As complicated as digital photography can be he has
managed to present this material in the proper way educationally.

Realistically, the best photography learning program if not offered in an understandably effective forum is a
waste of time and money. Photography, when you strive for excellence and perfection can be difficult if not
approached and delivered correctly.
His theories of teaching have added to the success of the newly added Digital Photography Department at
Lambuth University in Jackson Tennessee. He started the department from "zero",
formulating the program and all of the courses offered.
The University welcomed his knowledge and enthusiasm on the faculty. His new programs continue to grow each semester.

As a professional photographer Jeff has entertained many different types of clients and his work has
included customers all over the country.
The following represents a partial list: Aqua Glass~Savannah TN, Baer Racing~Phoenix AZ,
Bondurant School of High Performance Driving~Phoenix AZ, Boss Hoss Motorcycles~Dyersburg TN,
Bungee International~Chatsworth CA, Centex Forcum Lannom~Dyersburg/Memphis TN, Champion Spark Plug~Toledo OH,
Dana Corporation~Toledo OH, DCA-DCPR Advertising~Jackson TN, Delta Machinery~Jackson TN,
Discount Tire Company~Phoenix AZ, Disney~Burbank CA, Dow Chemical Corporation~Lansing MI,
Ebbtide Boats~White Bluff TN, Eibach Springs~L.A. CA. Ferry Morse Seed Co.~Fulton KY,
Franklin Brass~Rancho Dominguez CA, General Motors~Detroit MI, Grant/Grizzly Products~Glendale CA,
HRB Ideas~Chicago IL, J. Walter Thompson~Philadelphia PA, Jackson Energy Authority~Jackson TN,
LA Cellular~Los Angeles CA, Libby Glass~Toledo OH, Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce~Los Angeles CA,
Merrill Lynch~Cleveland OH, MTX Sound~Phoenix AZ, NauticStar Boats~Armory MS, Owens-Corning Fiberglass~Toledo OH,
Sony Auto Sound~Detroit MI, US Sprint~Dallas TX, US Tobacco~Hartford CT.

As you can see, in the professional photographic community he's well respected among many big corporate clients.
A customer base like this doesn't come accidentally.
It happens through conitinued hard work and perserverance; striving for excellence in photography with every job,
and with every click of the shutter.

You probably see his work often and don't even realize you are. It's on billboards, on magazine covers, on trucks,
in magazine articles, in catalogs, on web sites, and so on. Many of his advertising pieces win awards every year in
Advertising Federation Competitions all over the country. This past year he added 3 gold awards and 5 silver awards to the collection.

The courses of study that he has developed here for you are the culmination of this high-level advertising work
and many years of working with amateur, pro-amateur, and student photographers across the country.
To him a student’s failure is either the fault of the instructor or the program itself.
Online photography courses are typically bland, expensive, and usually do not focus you enough
on the education you need. A properly organized course should put you in a place where you feel like you
have someone directly watching and working with you in perfect unison.

In these courses all of your emails, all of your questions, all of your assignments, and all of your phone conversations
will be with Jeff, not someone assigned to do it that day. He limits enrollement to accomodate each new student.

He firmly believes in sharing his ideas, his creativity, his theories, and his talent with everyone.
Photography is a learning experience that never ends.
We’re never done moving up to the next level of creativity in this art; we’ll always be learning,
creating, and producing better images.

If you truly want to lauch your own photographic career you've found the right place to do it.
This program will change the way you think, operate, execute, and critique your own photography.
Sign up now and get started - I did, and have never regretted it for a moment.

Good luck with your program!




As with every educational program there are no refunds. Should you need some time to take a break from the
course we are always willing to allow additional time. There is no time limit as long as you let us know. If you just stop
participating in the program and months or years pass then we assume you have quit the program.