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Jeff Roush - photography instructor


Standard Digital Photography Course


This course is our most popular course. It is our flagship program because of it's complete and comprehensive approach
to becoming a better photographer. This program covers camera operation, f-stops and shutter speeds, the camera menus,
and different lenses. Portraiture, composition, nature photography are just a few of the different flavors of shooting you'll learn
about with this course.
The techniques you learn are the ones used by most pro's most of the time.

This course is comprised of 4 big lessons (64 pages) and approximately 40 assignments. In this course you will
be asked to read the material then do an assignment. If you do the assignment correctly we move on to the next lesson.
If you haven't done the assignment properly then we'll discuss what you did wrong and do it again. Our goal
is to make certain that you learn the material we're covering. The entire process of learning photography is built
on as we learn, like building blocks. Things we learn today are used in tomorrows lessons. In most cases,
a student who is having problems learing a certain technique is having trouble because they missed
something a long time ago that is making their present challenges imposible to grasp.
This is a very common problem with "self-taught" photographers.

This course will introduce you to all of your camera settings, buttons, modes, and menus. Once again, our goal is to not leave
anything to chance, so we try to cover everything. You'll use all of your camera settings as you learn new techniques. You'll learn
how to create out-of-focus backgrounds in your portraiture and how to create stunning landscapes. We learn how camera
settings can change the look of your images, and when and how to make that happen.

When you finish this course you'll be a well rounded photographer - way ahead of most of your peers.
There is nothing more satisfying that have your friends really, really, like your images.
This course will help you reach that goal.

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Standard Photography Course - 350.00 (one time payment in full)


Standard Photography Course - 93.75 / month (4 pmts)