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Premium Photo Course

This Digital Photogaphy Course is a complete course in photography, much the same as you would get in credited
college course as an enrolled student. In fact, a lot of the lessons we study are taken from the college course materials
I used in my classes at Lambuth University in Jackson Tennessee.
I've developed this course of study to assist and teach students in a more relaxed and enjoyable "one on one" environment,
where you can do and learn the same information from home.

Most students complete their education and receive a certificate after completing 8 segments.
Not all students will need certain segments and the instructor may allow you to pass over a segment if he feels you have
the knowledge and technique. The program can enlist up to 12 Segments, depending on your specific goals,
and we'll discuss this when you enroll. The additional Segments are advanced techniques and information and not everyone
will want to do those. Payment plans are available to those that need it, just ask!


In addition to the complete Digital Photo Course you will receive 2 additional bonus segments at the end of your program.
These segments will be customized specifically for you. This is a limited time offer so act now to get these bonus tutorials.

This Digital Photography Course is delivered to you in “Segments”- lessons, portions, chapters, tutorials,
or however you want to look at it. The point is that you don't need a giant complicated textbook or manual
and I won't overwhelm you with too much information at one time.
This information is divided up into an easy to read and understand format that covers the entire course
in a very carefully organized manner. You'll receive "lesson ONE" right after you enroll and
won't receive lesson two until the first lesson is covered and passed.
You can take as much time as you need on any of the lessons, there are no deadlines or cut-off dates.
There is no limit to the number of emails / questions / phone calls / or assignment "do-overs". You'll learn this stuff!

So, here are the steps:
Registration. It's simple. Click on the pay button and your registration begins. When you click this button you'll be asked for your
registration information. Once it's received you will get your enrollment documents and your first lesson, Segment01 will follow shortly.

Fill out the registration questionnaire which is emailed to you as soon as we get your registration information.

Return the registration questionnaire form and receive your first segment via email. Future segments are sent to you as you finish each on

As a student you will find our system something that actually assists you through the learning process.
We have carefully prepared all the individual lessons in a way that makes it easier to understand and grasp,
regardless of your present level of expertise. If you’re a beginner, this course will be great for you.
If you’re a pro-amateur photographer this course is perfect for you also.
Some of the lessons may be different for each level student, but the same information is covered in both.

You’ll be given assignments that will show and demonstrate to the instructor that you have learned and can apply each of the
photographic lessons presented. Once you and the instructor feel you are ready to move on to the next segment we do so.
There are no time limits or time restrictions on the length of time you might need to accomplish each of the lessons.
Also, you only pay for the lesson you are currently working, not future ones.
In fact, to eliminate confusion the instructor will not even show you the next lessons
until you’ve passed the one you are presently working with.

This system has proven to be nearly “fail-safe” for students.
Photography can be complicated and confusing if too much information is presented at once.
If you don’t believe that then read a photography book sometime and see how far you get.
Oh wait, you've already done that I bet, and they don't usually get you too far.

Here's some of the information you'll be covering and receiving in your classes.

Segment 01
We'll learn about exposure, what it is and how it affects our photos.
Also in this Segment we'll learn some rules to memorize that will help us shoot better photographs from now on.
What are the correct sizes to email?

Segment 02
This Segment is about lenses and focus. What makes some photographs so much better than others?
How can I choose what is in my crop? Why do my photographs look blurry when I have it set on autofocus?

Segment 03
When a photograph you look at resembles a peice of art and creates a mood or feeling there is something there
that is causing this reaction. What is it ? and why does it affect us.

Segment 04
What do you shoot and why? What is your passion in photography? Is it nature? Sports? Kids? Adventure? We'll learn them all.

Segment 05
Why do the more expensive cameras create better images? What is image quality?
Is outdoor lighting your friend or foe? Why are the faces dark or improperly colored?

Segment 06
How do pros make portraits look so easy? Can you fix that blemish on my face? What if I want to sell some of my photos?

Segment 07
What tools are available for the photographer who can't spend a fortune on eqiupment to shoot with? Do I need a studio to be a photographer?

Segment 08
How can I make money selling photographs.
What do I need to get and what do I need to know to get myself started in a real photography business.
Certificate of Merit is presented at this point

Premium Photography Course - 750.00 (one time payment in full)


Premium Photography Course - 93.75 / month (9 pmts)

Your payment is your registration. You'll be recieveing your first set of Photo Course Documents via your email address.

Thanks for Registering!