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Photoshop for Photographers

This PhotoShop course is designed specifically for photographers. Photoshop is a very complicated, all-inclusive computer
program that can be very confusing, hard to learn, and even more difficult to understand.
We will spend our time concentrating on the features of this massive program,
covering specific techniques that a photographer needs to be familiar with to be competitive in this market.
There are many tools and menu options to learn and we will cover everyone of them in great detail.

The best part about this Photoshop Course is that it is not time sensitve, so we're not going to rush, we're not going to
overload you with assignments, and we're not going to have other students push you.
This is a "one on one" program with me, and no one else.

We will cover, learn, and discuss the many tools and techniques photographers use every day.
PhotoShop is the industry standard when it comes to digital image manipulation and retouching,
and this course will use PhotoShop as it's foundation. There are many other replicas of Photoshop, but only one original.
If we learn this one then all the others will be easy.

For this workshop please have photoshop installed. If you don't have
Photoshop please let me know and I can provide you with a copy of the program to install on your PC.
Also make sure you have a "two-button" mouse with your laptop to use at the program.
Photoshop cannot be used effectively with the touch-pad on a laptop

Here are some of the items we will cover in this Photoshop Course:
Photoshop Workflow / Re-sizing and Image Sizes / Color correcting Images Lightening & Darkening
Retouching (removing items and camoflouging defects)
Clipping paths (take an element from one photo and put it in another photo)

Creating Layered & Composited Images / Straightening and Transforming
Watermarking your Images with a Copyright Gallery / High-Quality B&W Imagery

The workshop is carefully developed so that you can learn in a monitored "step by step" manner,
rather than being overwhelmed
with information and getting confused. (most have done that already)

This program usually consists of 10 "one on one" lessons.
Those living close our home base in W Tennessee will be able to meet with me in person occasionally. Those who
are geographically further will work with me directly using Skype (voice only) so we can chat live to cover the material.

Complete Course 295.00

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