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Jeff Roush - photography instructor

Photographic Artistry Course



This photographic course is designed for the photographer who knows how to operate the camera,
has an interchangeable lens camera system, and simply isn't saitsified with the artistic quality of the
photographs they are creating. Using the functions and techniqes of the camera and lenses can be confusing
and this course is designed to further your education about using these functions to create images
that have more impact, more appeal, and better composition.
Dovetaing all of the elements together to produce the images you visualize is what this course of study will help you accomplish.


Using Depth of Field / Movement / field of view compression to it's fullest as is relates to the final outcome.

Control of DOF in relationship to composition and asthetics is covered in detail.

Photographc Compostion is broken down to easy to understand tutorials with samples.

Workflow and Output using PhotoShop

Understanding the "mindset" of the Pro's and how they think when approaching a photographic assignment is different than you might think.
The process of "thinking like a Pro" is something that any photogapher who wants to excell needs to learn.
These techniques and changes in your thinking process will improve your work dramatically.

Course Prict is 219.00

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