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"Special 2020 Edition"
Digital Photography Course


This Digital Photography Course has been designed and released to help stumulate young photographers in this
time of our troubled society. This course is a brand new expanded version of my Beginners Course Program AND my
Standard Photography Course Program (my flag-ship program).
I've melted them together to help us all learn more and shoot better and more impressive photographs.This is designed as an addition to an already purchsed Standard Course, or it can be purchase separately with the intention of purchasing the Standard Course later.

I've designed this program specifically so you can do all of the assignments in your back yard.

This course can be taken by a complete beginner or by someone who has a bit of camera and photography knowledge.
The program covers the significant "auto" modes that are used by most photographers. It also covers complete information on Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority; complete with lessons, information, and assignments that you complete and send to me.

There can be a variable "starting point" that is decided upon once we figure out where you stand in your photo knowledge and education.

I've made this course extremely affordable so many of you that have not been able to study with me are now able to do so.
The course includes using the "auto modes" and "manual modes" and understanding all the settings on your camera.
Information on lenses and other equipment can be covered in addition.

All of my courses are designed to be completed through email, so you don't have to attend any "in person" classes,
workshops, or group situations. Most will complete a course like this in a few months.

Students usually have a lot of
questions about camera operation, the buttons, the menus,
all that confusing stuff - and I'm here for you to answer all of them!!


To sign up just click the "buy now" link below. It's that simple.
You payment is your registration, and once this is completed
I will email you the first documents of your course materials.


Complete Course - $69.00


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